Debbie Dorris

Writer of Paranormal, Mysteries, and Romance

My Favorite Paranormal Hero

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Aside from my own paranormal characters, I’d have to say Odd Thomas, the main  character from Dean Koontz’ novel , ODD THOMAS, is my favorite.

I picked him because he’s an average person with extraordinary abilities. Odd (yes, that’s his name) is a short order cook who sees dead people and spirits of shadowy evil creatures. He also has supernatural intuitive skills, “psychic magnatism,” and uses it to kick evil’s butt and calm restless ghosts. He keeps his abilities secret, except for a select few who aren’t afraid to listen to him. Because of his abilities, he prevents mass killings and disasters, and survives to do it again and again.  My kind of guy.


Author: Debbie Dorris

Writer of Novels: Paranormal, Horror, and Mystery

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