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Writer of Paranormal, Mysteries, and Romance

Short Stories

If you’re interested, here is my 2013 #31 Days of Halloween Writing Contest (hosted by Bree Ogden, Agent with D4EO Literary Agency) week one winning short short story:


By Debbie Dorris

Zola Skye, a beautiful one-hundred-thirty-year-old witch, had twenty-four hours for the boiling brew to simmer before adding the final ingredients to the potion that would summon the ancestors.

New Orleans is famous for strange things that go on, especially on Halloween. Zola felt certain she wouldn’t get caught. What she was about to do was banned by her coven a century ago. But she had to save her sweetheart from the clutches of that disappearing prison of a house.

No one, except Zola, believed the legend about the old haunted house that appeared on Halloween at sunrise then disappeared at the midnight moon, taking with it all those who dared enter.

Years ago Johnny, Zola’s novelist boyfriend, wanted to spend the night in a haunted house for inspiration. Driving past a creepy mansion, Zola challenged Johnny to stay the night there. Always a gambler, he accepted. The next day she went to pick him up but the house had vanished.

The day arrived. Zola dressed in the traditional witch costume and covered her face with green make-up; sure she would blend in with any trick-or-treaters. After carefully placing the cauldron in the trunk, she drove to the vacant lot where the house should reappear.

Under the watchful eyes of gatekeeper Ents, she added a vial of her blood and Dragon’s Blood, Dracaena resin she’d taken from her vast hoard, to the brew. Then she chanted for the ancestors. Within seconds eerie wraiths materialized and performed their ghostly ritual dance around the lot.

The house appeared as predicted. The door opened allowing the ghosts entry. Johnny stood by the entrance begging Zola to go away. As she reached for him her hand crossed the threshold. The house sucked her in.



2 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. Really like your story, Debbie

  2. Always love your style Debs 🙂

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